SalentOS “Luppìu” 1.0 released!

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With great pleasure the team announces the release of SalentOS “Luppìu” 1.0.

Here are the main features:

– Base Debian Stable
– 3.16.0-4 Kernel
– New tools for system management: Styler and Yanima.
– New system update alert tool.
– Menu translated into major languages EN, ES, IT, PT, FR, DE.
– New Installation Wizard.
– Lighter system: no demon of a background system settings.
– Optimized graphics effects.
– Pre-installed drivers for the major wireless cards.

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3 thoughts on “SalentOS “Luppìu” 1.0 released!

    1. Nicola

      It is the kernel version coming with Debian Stable (Jessie at the moment), and i personally like the fact that SalentOS is using it vs. Ubuntu.
      I haven’t try it by myself, but if you need something more recent then it should be enough adding the testing repositories to “/etc/apt/sources.list”, perform an “apt-get dist-upgrade” and you should get kernel 4.7 from Debian Stretch, + all updated packages as you can probably find in Ubuntu.
      Good luck and have fun.

  1. Chris

    This distro is something !
    Every debian derivative distro out there is worthy !
    But i would appreciate your distro more if it was based on debian testing !
    Congratulations for your distro !very good idea using the lightweight but useful openbox.
    I have tried every single debian derivatives and i found that this distro is really reliable and
    I like simplified desktop environments if you use them are productive .
    For example i like the effects,design of ubuntu unity but it doesnt help me very much when i try to see apps in categories or when i want to execute a command.
    -If i stick with your distro is there any support group that i can find help ?



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