Post Installation Script for the light version of SalentOS 14:04 (English Version)

The light version of SalentOS contains only the essential software that allow internet navigation and browsing. It is possible to install the software that you want to customize SalentOS to suit your needs.There are several ways to install the programs you want:

  • Typing commands from terminal
  • Recalling from the application menu opnebox SYNAPTIC.

By the SalentOS Staff was created a ‘post-installation script’ that allows even those who have no knowledge of Linux to easily add some software to the ‘Light’ version of SalentOS 14.04.
You need an active internet connection! You will be prompted to enter the password for the root user.
This script is free software: you can edit / redistribute under the GNU General Public License. The GNU Manifesto is visible at the link
The code is displayed on GitHub site to the address
A Repository channel was created here on Github where other future scripts will be loaded.
Let’s see how to download and use the script. From the terminal give the following commands in sequence:

chmod +x

Let’s see in detail:
Download the file in the current directory that contains the script in bash

chmod + x
Enable permissions to make the script executable

Run script

The script can be used multiple times, being already present (downloaded) in the current folder, and to launch it will be enough to type only the name of the script from a terminal
The script can install the following software
(in addition to the commands update dist-update and update the flash player):
1) Calculator
2) Xarchivier (Manager Compressed Archives)
3) Gnome-Screenshot (Save the screenshots)
4) BleachBit (Cleaning System)
5) Xscreensaver
6) gnome-mplayer (Reader Audio / Video)
7)Xfburn (Burning)
8) Mirage (Image viewer)
9) Geary Mail (Mail Client)
10) Pidgin (Instant Messaging)
11) Transmission (Bit Torrent client)
12) Abiword (word processor)
13) Gnumeric (Spreadsheet)
144 Evince (PDF Reader)

For each software the sript asks if you want to or not to proceed with the installation. It verify that the software is not already installed and in this case a message is displayed informing you that the software is already present.



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